Madrid is animated; its portentous Gran Vía defines it; Museo del Prado is great, and its tapas with wine in ham museum near plaza sol leave you a good memory! It has some pedestrian streets in the old and colorful less contemporary Madrid; but it also has beautiful avenues, with the air of a great city, and its main square is pleasant and lively! Perhaps its architecture is not so varied with its European counterparts, as it does not stand out in the Gothic, Renaissance or classic Baroque; but their beautiful walks compensate, and well worth a trip !!, to enjoy a good time in this great city, is the greenest capital in Europe. You can not miss walking through Campo del Moro, (the best views of the Royal Palace), or Parque del Oeste with its beautiful Rosaleda or, if you are in Madrid for a weekend, get on line 5 of the metro to the station The Capricho and enjoy the Jardín del Capricho, which is like the Garden of Eden, but in Madrid. And if you visit the Prado Museum, enter the wonderful Botanical Garden or go to the Retiro Park, which has some exceptional Fountains, Sculptures and small Architectural Jewels (Palacio de Cristal, Palacio de Velázquez). The bad thing is that many people do not respect these wonderful environments. In general, and this happens throughout Spain, the foreign visitor from a civilized country will be dismayed to see how their hosts throw their cigarette butts on the ground, as they do the same with the residues of their drinks in the bars (where the trash cans are half-empty but the floor is covered with napkins and food scraps), as they do not pull the chain or wash their hands after using public services, etc., etc. However, the beauty of its parks and the selfless dedication of the cleaning staff of the city are effective medicine to lessen the effects of this lack of civility with regard to the ‘greenest capital in Europe’. Enjoy it.Just a few steps from the Prado Museum and the Thyessen -Bornemisza museum, you can find the district of letters. Narrow streets, bright, typical that enclose in their stores of books and antiques, true literary treasures. If you walk with patience and care, you will discover, written on the ground, in golden letters, inscriptions that quote the most famous writers that Spain has given over the centuries … bright and deep thoughts accompany the march and if you get tired, There are plenty of places to have a beer in a literary and bohemian environment. An experience that makes you adore and admire more the power of the written word. Excellent place!!!

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